Friday, 1 May 2015

186. Month in Review: April

Hello lovelies.

April has been a busy month, but a great one too! The weather picked up as did my mood and social life. Here's a quick recap of my month...

I spent loads of time with my friends and family this month; I'm trying to see them as much as possible whilst I still have the time! I went to see the new Cinderella film with my lovely friend Becca, had a delicious meal out at The Rat Inn with the family, enjoyed mocktails with my sister at Sydney's and met the beautiful Georgia for the first time, even though it felt like we'd known each other for months. I also caught the new Avenger's movie with S, spent the day in Newcastle with my Mum and sisters (you can read about it here) and visited my Grandma in the Lake District.
Carrot Cake & Chai at Costa // I finally got my Chicken Katsu! // Virgin Cosmpolitan // Delicious Scones with Mum

When I wasn't gallivanting about, I've most definitely been nesting! I spent some time, money and effort sprucing up our rather miserable looking backyard. I picked up some pretty pansies from a local garden centre and potted them, so they've added a touch of colour to the yard and it's looking much better! 

S and I also added the finishing touches to the nursery. We finished setting up the furniture so we now have a changing station as well as storage for all the babies clothes, nappies and general bits and bobs. We also put together the pushchair, washed the first load of baby clothes and packed our hospital bag, as I reached the 32 week mark in April - it's so exciting!
Pretty pansies before & after potting // Our nursery changing-cleaning area // World's cutest pushchair!

After months of dedicated viewing, I finally finished watching The US Office and I'm now feeling a little bit lost without it. Having said that, I'm getting stuck into Peep Show again - it's one of my all time favourite shows, I just love it. 

I treated myself to a gorgeous Flamingo Candle's jar candle this month in the scent of Vanilla and Black Pepper, and it smells delicious in my bedroom. I also picked up a cute new wax burner (there seems to be a bit of a theme going on here...) and a few new books, which I'm still waiting for arriving from Amazon. I started reading A Force To Be Reckoned With: A History of the Women's Institute, which was proven to be really interesting so far!
The only book I finished in April // Homemade chocolate fudge muffins // New beauty purchases

I really got back into the swing of things on my blog in April and found I was enjoying writing a lot more, with a real variety of posts, such as sharing my March Empties, a book review, 12 Things I'm Grateful For, the Pro's of Pregnancy and reviews of a Lush bubble bar and an alternative to toothpaste

May looks to be an exciting month as I begin my antenatal classes, head to my first two barbecues of the year, begin my maternity leave and my sister comes home for the summer! 

I hope you had a great April, and have an even better month this month!

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